Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine´s Day ♥

Hey Cuties :3
I´m probably a bit late with my Valentine´s Day post x3 haha but we celebrated it yesterday :)
On Valentine´s day my boyfriend had to leave for University in the morning and came back at noon AND I had to work from noon till evening x3 so you can guess there was no time to do anything, so we just met and exchanged gifts ^.^ but still it was very cute!
I also hope that you all had a nice day no matter if your in a relationship or not ^o^

 I made Oreo chocolates *u* they turned out super yummy!

from my honey I got this super cute necklace :3 
 I love it so much!

when I wanted to take a picture first x3 his cat Joey wanted to steal the necklace :D haha he put it into his mouth and acted like it was a mouse X3 I had to fight to get it back!

I also received my first order from Mbok :)
It was easier than I thought to order from there, but I think you don´t get things there for super cheap.
So I mainly use it for things I really want but basically I prefer Gyaru Sales because it´s a lot cheaper ^.^

 I bought this top :3 because I thought it´s a bit more mature than my usual Liz lisa tops ^.^
haha but i should stop buying things with rose print x3 I have already too much.... but it looks so adorable :D
I also wore it when we celebrated Valentine´s day ^.^

 I also bought this top ^.^ I really like it but sadly it does not suit me ;_;
if you like to buy it please click here ^.^
to see my

( I also added a lot of new things and reduced old things!)

I also bought a new handbag some weeks ago ^.^
the picture was a bit blurry, but still I thought it looked cute :) in the description it said "lolita bag"
But when I got it
 I saw it´s a Liz Lisa bag *u* super cute!
and I cust payed 20€ including shipping :) so It really made my day ^.^

 such a cute key charm :3

 and the seller was so cute to put this lovely phone charms in the bag as a surprise gift ^.^
soo cute!!!

 this was my valentine´s day outfit ^w^
♥ coat is from C&A
♥ Top Liz Lisa
♥ tights primark
♥ shoes Deichmann
♥ bag Liz Lisa
♥ necklace Gift from my boyfriend

 sadly my hair got ruined already at the beginning of the date XD because I had to run to catch the train! 

 we went to a japanese restaurant and had sushi ^u^

such a cute valentine´s day decoration *.*

 so cozy! I was really happy that we went went to eat there :3

and the best thing was when we got the sushi :D haha so cute a boat!!
 and there was some more on the lower deck :3

 ^-^ tamago sushi is my favourite :3

and after having food we watched "Die Hard 5" in the cinema :)
it was actually my first die hard movie X3 haha
but I thought it was cool.

I´ll have to work now :) 
have a nice day ^u^!


  1. Oh my god! Adorable ♥ the necklace is sooo cute! I want one > v < haha. Love everything you got ^^ ♥
    XOXO Rina

    1. Thank you :3 I agree, I am so happy that I got it ^.^
      I saw on the tag that it might be from claire´s so you can get it there :) hope you had a nice Valentine´s Day too ^o^!

  2. You look so adorable and the chocolate looks great *_* I want it too~ haha xD

    1. thank you ^u^! aaaw :3 I posted the recipe before ^.^ it´s very easy so you should try it then :)

  3. Super cute outfit! Also all you got are nice :3

  4. The bag is so cute! *_* and the sushi boat looks awesome! But wow you guys eat a lot haha xD

    1. :3 yes I was shocked xD because I just sa the blurry pictures and already thought it looked cute :)
      yes it was! hahahaah yes! I´m such a glutton XD because after the all you can eat ( ben was full ) I was still hungry and ordered Tamago sushi x3

  5. The bag is really cute and i'm hungry because of the shishi now <3

    1. Thank you :3 haha yes when looking at it I´m also getting hungry x3

  6. I really like the necklace! I love eating at Japanese restaurants, so expensive but so worth it! <3 i'm getting hungry just looking at those pictures haha


    1. thank you :3 me too :D haha
      yes it was expensive, but still okay :) if it´s really expensive I don´t like it, but 17€ for an all-you-can-eat is still okay :)
      and it was super yummy!

  7. Those chocolates looks amazing! *u* I really like the dress you got, so cute!

    1. Thank you very much, haha I just have a crush on rose print ^u^ I posted the recipe before :3 I can really recommend it ^.^

  8. Absolutely love this post! So cute! And suuushiiii <3 *-*

    1. Thank you so much ^-^! haha yes I´ll remember sushi makes posts awesome :D

  9. das liz lisa shirt hats mir grade angetan ;; richtig hübsch!!

  10. Oh~ das sieht richtig lecker aus *3*
    Sushi <3